Перше правило бізнесу – чини з іншими так, якби ти хотів, щоби чинили з тобою (Ч. Діккенс)

The personnel policy is directed on creating of the professional team, in which everyone can have:
- Stable work
- The possibility of studying, obtaining the necessary experience in insurance field.
- Real possibilities of professional carrier
- Flexible working schedule

Opened vacancies
Insurance agent
Person specification:

- Availability of client's data base (wide insurance area)
- Knowing of all types of insurance (ownership, КАСКО, ГО, accidents, obligatory types of insurance)
- Required working experience in insurance field (not less than 3 years)
- Experienced PC user.

Personal qualities:
Responsible, initiative, communicative and experience in working with people and clients, high authority among clients.

Send resume by address: job@sk-kashtan.kiev.ua or by phone/fax: (044) 249-01-11, 249-98-43.